What Is Wrong With People?

As I scroll down my Facebook feed, I can feel the many emotions inside of me erupting like a volcano.

Am I sad? Angry? Happy? Empathetic? Sympathetic? I do not know.

So many different stories bringing out so many different feelings.

The one thing they all have in common…people. 

Every story is a result of a person’s actions.

Let me make a list of some of the top stories and then discuss them after…

  • Trio of violent robbers targeting delivermen in the Bronx.
  • Mass shooting at video game tournament – 4 dead.
  • Glendale teacher arrested for alleged sex with student.
  • Mother charged in baby’s death after fentanyl found in sippy cup.
  • Pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks.
  • Man sprays group with hot tar after argument in Pennsylvania.
  • Wisconsin couple charged for caging kids.
  • Detroit police dog dies after being left in hot vehicle.
  • Man arrested for murdering girlfriend with machete.
  • 6 yr. old boy beaten up, may lose left eye.
  • Myrtle Beach bans swearing.
  • Shootings at high school football games.
  • Young kids committing suicide.
  • Shootings all over the country.
  • Social Media bullying.
  • Political parties going after opposing sides.

And these are just some of what is on my Facebook feed every day.

People have become so uncaring and violent. When did this start? How can it be changed? Can it be changed? I do not know.

People beat and rob others like it is their right to do so. Without a care in the world for the person they are attacking or what they are taking, as long as they can get something out of it. People are shooting others for stupid reasons. Sexual assault crimes are on a rise. Parents killing their kids and/or neglecting them to the point they end up almost dying. People randomly attacking other people they do not know. Little kids committing suicide over situations they are too young to be dealing with in the first place. People on social media attacking others, including going after their friends, family, work, school, etc…, simply because they do not like the person or something this person said or did. Political nonsense causing violence and hate between the party supporters.

Who’s fault is all of this? Where does it start and where does it end? Do we blame the parents because they should be raising their kids with better morals and discipline? Yes. Do we blame the school systems for not teaching kids morals and discipline? Yes. Do we blame society for allowing excuses to be made for the people committing these heinous acts? Yes. Do we blame the justice system, starting with the police and going all the way up to the courts system, for failiong to enforce laws and make it harder for criminals to get away with their crimes? Yes. Do we blame the government for making the people feel like they have no control and turning people into lifelong dependents? Yes.

Truth is – everyone is to blame and it will take everyone to make it change.

The world has become a not so friendly place to be.

And people wonder why I would rather not leave the comforts and happiness of my home to go out and mingle in the hate.

No thanks…

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